Tell your story with interactivity

We create application or interactive video for customers who want to enlarge their audience and interact with. We create marketing campaign or adapt licences existing in new interactive format.

IP Adaptation, Marketing, Transmedia...

Diversify your story relative content through new lucrative channels.


Let them
Play with your story

Catch your public’s attention thanks to original and immersive content. Increase the impact of your story by making them interact with it.


One story,
several technologies.

Interactive video, mobile app, VR experience… We offer you the most suited technology to the story you want to tell.


about your audience.

We build the experience around key metrics that will give you information about your audience’s tastes, behaviours and personnalities, by analysing their choices and the way they interact with your story.

How we tell interactive stories
Our interactive stories are...

Getting the attention and keeping it has never been so difficult. By telling your story in a more immersive way, we increase your user acquistion and retention.


Increase your brand awareness through an original and interactive experience. Your customer are more likely to remember and talk about your story if they interact with it rather than watching it.


Building brand awareness, increasing sales, targeting new customers… Indentify and determine your objectives so we can adapat our solution to your needs.


Learn about your community and your customers thanks to the choices they make. Interactivity is a great opportunity to collect meaningful and enlightening data about your audience.

We are Ludogram, interactive storytelling agency

Our approach

We believe your story is your most precious value and it disurbs to be known.

Our mission

We create interactions between your audience and your story to increase its impact.

Our values

We are really aware of the quality of our experiences, its interactivity, originality and creativity.

Our process

We study carefully every story we tell in order to bring out the best of it.

They support us
How to turn interactive in 3 steps


Send us
your story

Because we always want to discover new stories. And mostly because we will answer with a first personnalized proposal.


Identify what
makes you unique

Discussions around your objectives and your budget give us the opportunity to make a final proposal, adaptated to your needs and the core message of your story.


your universe

Discover the final product and its impact through the key metrics we identified during the creation process.

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