The Ludoscript is a text editor designed to write interactive stories. No code is required to create both simple and complex non linear stories. All the offered options (choices, variables, random events, storylets) are easily usable to let you create the stories you want. The Ludoscript comes with a growing number of tools:

  • A tree-view to better see the story you are creating.
  • A visual engine to transform your story in animated scenes (see below).
  • A translation tool to automatically pre-translate and translate your stories.
  • A data analysis tool to better understand your players’ tastes (see below).

Stories created with the Ludoscript are easy to integrate and share on a website or in an an app thanks to a quick HTML or XML export.



Ludoframe is a script tool that matches text with graphical assets to create animated scenes.



With use of the Ludoscript comes the ability to receives data about your stories once they are released. Those data are anonymous and aggregated, so they respect privacy and perfectly match the regulations.

They aim to give you insights about which paths, events or stories players discovered, liked, disliked.

It will help you better understand how people interacts with our story and make it even better in the future.