Firebird is now on Steam 🚚💨

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Great news! Our magical road trip Firebird is HERE!

Hello Adventurers!
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Are you ready to embark on a rich and folkloric adventure aboard your Firebird? Are you ready to switch back and forth between myth and reality? All your choices will be important to your smooth progress in the Great North, without forgetting the resource management! 🚚

Embark with Mariska and Vassilissa aboard the Firebird, in their road trip in the Great North in search of a lost village, prey to the dangers of these sacred lands.
These two young women are very different and yet! Mariska is a convoy driver in her Firebird truck, who travels the snowy roads to survive. Vassilissa is trying to save her village by asking Mariska for help. Their history makes them who they are, with their own beliefs.
Their unexpected friendship will be put to the test during their journey aboard the Firebird.

You can explore the snowy landscapes of the Great North, from the industrial city of Norislk to the most sacred lands hiding legendary creatures.

Pay attention to your truck’s condition and choose the best route. Will you manage to get your truck to its destination without succumbing to the dangers of this hostile land?

We want to say thank you to all of you who are with us on this long trip alongside! 
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Thank you to all those 

who are SUPPORTING US on this long JOURNEY ❤️

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