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To save a lost village in Siberia, Mariska and Vassilissa take the road to the far north and find themselves confronted with myths and legends come to life. During your travels, you will discover clues and gather resources as you progress onward. Your choices in how you face conflicts will affect how you overcome challenges and impact your journey.

Dive into an universe, inspired by Slavic legends

  • Explore picturesque landscapes.
  • Discover Slavic folklore behind FibreTigre’s writing (Out There).
  • Immerse yourself in Quentin Vijoux’s hand-drawn artistic style.

Write your story, based on your choices

  • Experience a short but richly layered narration.
  • Choose your own ending and replay a new adventure!
  • Meet around twenty colorful characters.

Enjoy a snowy road trip

  • Manage your resources to progress smoothly.
  • Keep an eye on the gas level, the truck condition and the money.
  • Collect these resources as you visit different places on the map.

What kind of adventurer are you?


Called “The idiot”, Ivan is a truck driver who works for Tourgarine but whom he fears.


Young girl from a dying village lost in the depths of Great North.


A resourceful and hardened truck driver who will be touched by Vassilissa. Her truck is “The Firebird”.

Explore snowy roads, manage your road trip, choose the ending

Collect clues

As you meet other characters, you will uncover clues to progress in the adventure.

Manage your road trip

You decide on your route step by step, which has an impact on the resources you have to manage.

Replay the adventure

You will face challenges. The way you overcome them will impact your trip.

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