Official keyart of the video game Worlds of Aria, with the four main heroes (Warrior, Witch, Mage and Merchant) in front of the open doors of the Kingdom of Aria.

Party-based RPG

Dive into a multi-player adventure inspired by tabletop role-playing games. Collaboration, betrayal, squabbles… what type of adventurer will you and your companions be? Invite friends to join the party for free with the Buddy Pass, or manage your own solo party..
Official keyart of the video game Firebird, with Mariska and Vassilissa in the foreground. We can see in the background Baba Yaga, Ivan and his truck the Grey Wolf.

Visual Novel

Firebird is a narrative road trip that takes place in Slavic folklore, in an adventure that ressembles a traditional tale. Aboard your truck, travel to the far north, meet colorful characters, and face the creatures inhabiting these sacred lands.
Keyart of the game Light, with the main heroes in front of a star hill and Mackenzie's face in constellation.

Interactive Series

Mackenzie and Alex consider crossing the galaxy to live out their love. At the speed of light, their journey would last a few days… but 40 years will have passed.

Serieplay is a mobile application consisting of original narrative stories that everyone can relate to.

Official poster of the show Gangs of New Aria in a 30's style.

Twitch Game

Creating massive role-playing games involving hundreds of players is possible ! Minotaure, created by the narrative designer FibreTigre, was designed to be played using Twitch’s chat system as the main interaction between the game master and their audience. The game master narrates the story, frames decisions, and triggers events. The participants, each with their own character sheet, influence the story by making choices.

Creating stories together.
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