Banner of the video game Worlds of Aria, with the four main heroes (Warrior, Witch, Mage and Merchant) in front of the open doors of the Kingdom of Aria.

Steam, Nintendo Switch, PS5 & Xbox Serie X/S | 2024

Dive into a multi-player adventure inspired by tabletop role-playing games. Collaboration, betrayal, squabbles… what type of adventurer will you and your companions be? Invite friends to join the party for free with the Buddy Pass, or manage your own solo party.

Experience an adventure in group

  • Play up to 4 people online, local and cross-platform.
  • Complete scenes full of twists and turns with chaotic outcomes.
  • Try your luck by rolling the dice. Is it a critical success or failure?
  • Replay the scenes to find out their multiple endings and secrets!

Collaborate or betray  

  • Discuss situations and their numerous choices with your friends.
  • Collaboration, betrayal, backing… Act to surprise your friends!
  • Create dramas by changing your mind at the last second!

Inspired by role-playing games

  • Play as up to 10 heroeswith their own skillsets and personality.
  • Come across various creatures inspired by roleplaying games.
  • Collect items and legendary treasures to triumph over dangers and enemies you’ll face!

What kind of adventurer are you?


A former soldier, the warrior can frighten adversaries with a simple glance. But be careful not to squint, or risk to lose all credibility.


Always ready to challenge himself, the merchant can invest his money to maximize benefits… or lose his bet on a twist of fate.


More concerned with the future than her past, the witch can predict the next roll of the dice, for better or for worse.


With 52 cards in hand, the magician can create a tornado or a stomach bug. It’s up to him to choose his cards wisely.

Save the kingdom of Aria. Or not!

Form your group of adventurers

Heroes have their own history and skills. Be careful when forming your group – you might regret it!

Play with your destiny

Make your own choices and try your luck at dice rolls, if your skills are lacking!

Make your choices

All choices are taken into account and progress is based on personal goals.

Stay in touch!

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