Get aboard the Firebird on Nintendo Switch, on November 21 🚚

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Icy news! Get on board the Firebird, on Nintendo Switch, on November 21!

Dream of traveling, but without leaving your couch? Love legends, but don’t want to take (too) many risks?

Come aboard the Firebird for a mystical road trip, on November 21! All your choices will be important for your progress in the Far North, not forgetting resource management! 🚚

Embark with Mariska and Vassilissa aboard the Firebird…

These two women are very different and yet! Mariska is a convoy driver in her Firebird truck, who travels the icy roads. Vassilissa is trying to save her village by asking Mariska for help. Their history makes them who they are, with their own beliefs. Their unexpected friendship will be put to the test during their road trip…

Explore the snowy landscapes of the Great North, from the industrial city of Norislk to the most sacred lands.

Will you manage to get your truck to its destination without succumbing to the dangers of this hostile land?

For Steam fans who haven’t got their boarding tickets yet, Firebird is taking part in the Steam Autumn Sale, from November 21 to 28, with a 20% discount! Now there’s no reason not to set off on an icy adventure.

In the meantime, Firebird is also nominated in the Outstanding Story-Rich Game category at the Steam Awards. If you enjoyed your trip, don’t hesitate to vote directly on the Steam page and share with others… Your support is invaluable for us!

We want to say thank you to all of you who are with us on this long trip alongside! Share this news with your friends and on your social channels to support us ❄

Have a good trip aboard the Firebird!

See you soon,

Ludogram Team

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