Dev Diary #7 – Games Made in France and first playtests!

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Today’s focus: Throwback to Games Made in France!

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Sunday, September 25, Edouard Gaudel, CEO of Ludogram, was on Twitch for the Games Made in France event! Alongside the creators mistermv, Damdam and FibreTigre, they have become the heroes of the Worlds of Aria, as they played the new demo! The team took the opportunity to unveil new features on the video game: atmospheres, 3D characters, dice rolling features, etc.

Let’s talk numbers: Worlds of Aria” gathered more than 7,000 viewers and collected 888 Steam wishlists. Today, the game has 4,000 wishlists!

Good news for the team ❤️

Worlds of Aria at the Virtual Calais!

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We were at Virtual Calais from October 1st to 2nd! We were able to have the demo of Worlds of Aria tested publicly for the first time… in a setting created especially for the occasion! Player feedback is valuable for production!

Our featured productions…

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Games Made in France has featured Worlds of Aria on Steam! We count no less than 400 wishlists for the Worlds of Aria, on the day of September 25! Firebird is not outdone, collecting 588 wishlists!

Fun Fact

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We welcomed our first playtesters for Worlds of Aria! The first playtest sessions continue and your feedback is carefully studied! We have already collected more than 100 responses… But, the planning of the playtests is still in progress! So, if you want to play a game before its release and participate in the development? Try your luck!

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