Dev Diary #10 – Ludogram wishes you a happy new year!

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Today’s focus: Ludogram wishes you a happy new year!

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From 2022 to 2023, it was a great adventure for the studio and the team! The ups and downs have made us what we are today… And we’re proud of it!

  • A company with more than 25 employees 
  • Successful crowdfunding for “Worlds of Aria” 
  • Ishtar Games is the publisher of “Worlds of Aria”
  • But also the unexpected postponement of “Firebird” 
  • New video game projects are underway!

Together, we are on the road to 2023, with even more surprising stories to tell you!

Happy Holidays! 
from the Ludogram’s team

What not to miss: Live Twitch with Ishtar Games

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We were on a live Twitch with Ishtar Games, our publisher for “Worlds of Aria”! It was the opportunity to showcase new scenes and to answer a few questions. Dice have been rolled, choices have been made and chaos happened…

Did you know? World of Aria’s new Discord server

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Did you miss the info? “Worlds of Aria” has a #Discordserver! Join the community and pick your role… Pitiless Warrior, Mighty Mage, Greedy Merchant or Wicked Witch? In the “Worlds of Aria” you can become whoever you want…

Fun Fact

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We are on TikTok to share funny videos and useful facts with you! Chloé, our Marketing Manager, has fun with it! So, follow us, comment & enjoy our videos ! More content is coming…Join our Tik Tok now!

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