Worlds of Aria at Friendship Games Week & some press articles!

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Preview of the newsletter content in pictures. Official poster of the Friendship Games Week festival and logos of the press articles.

Worlds of Aria at Friendship Games Week & first press articles 

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Worlds of Aria is selected for Friendship Games Week on Steam! Friendship Games Week is a celebration of local multiplayer games! Split screen, couch, party, or co-op – regardless of how you play them, it is such a great way to spend time with the people you like. So gather up your friends, grab your tall glass of iced tea, and make yourself comfortable in front of the screen!

The game will be featured on Steam, from February 13 to 19, to arouse the curiosity of future citizens of the Worlds of Aria… The more, the merrier!

Official poster of the Friendship Games Week festival.
Aria's Letter

Here’s a roundup of first press articles of Worlds of Aria!

We were surprised to be in a selection of 30 Indie Games that “You Should Know About Releasing In 2023”. The article is quite complimentary about the tabletop RPG inspired gameplay, the fantasy universe and the multiplayer mode (cooperative or, competitive). 

Logo of Kotaku press site

Worlds of Aria is really everywhere… even on a french radio! France Inter takes us to discover the French fantasy world, without forgetting to mention our game Worlds of Aria. It’s still a French fantasy universe that has its share of success.

Logo of the french radio FranceInter.

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