Firebird release and demo & latest bugs reported in our games!

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Home screen of Firebird special demo and funny bug of a door too big for the heroes in Worlds of Aria

Firebird release and demo & latest bugs reported in our games!

Hello Adventurers!
What's new?

Be ready to drive throughout the Grand North with your loyal truck, because Firebird will be out this Summer!

So, if you have not done it yet, you still can wishlist the game to not miss the release and get a wave of freshness during the summer! ❄

Why did we postpone the release?

As we were almost ready to ship the game, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict began and didn’t allow us to release the game serenely, in accordance with our values.

More updates and exciting events soon! We remain open to questions on our Discord server. Thanks for your patience and your support!
Gif of the Firebird rolling in the snowy landscape, at all times of the day.
Firebird's Roadmap

Do you know the legend of the Firebird? Discover it with the demo of our video game!

Get on board your truck, travel to the far north, meet colorful characters and face the creatures inhabiting these sacred lands…. The road to the Great North will be full of pitfalls… Will you manage to get your truck to its destination without succumbing to the dangers of this hostile land?
Play as Mariska now, by playing the demo on Steam! We’re waiting for your feedbacks on our social media (links just below!).

Home screen of Firebird special demo on Steam.
Bugs Area

Here’s a roundup of the latest bugs reported in Firebird and World of Aria!

Help required for Ivan, in Firebird, who doesn’t see much of the landscape… 🛠️ Diagnosis : The speech bubble must be repositioned.

It’s a very large door, compared to the Gourmandise! 🛠️ Diagnosis : The object needs to be resized.

The dead must be dead! 🛠️ Diagnosis: Characters “in away” still appear on the table. 

Add Worlds of Aria to your Steam wishlist.
Play Firebird demo on Steam

That’s all for today! We hope you’ll enjoy the Firebird demo!

Ludogram Team

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