Dev Diary #8 – Worlds of Aria’s heroes at the Indie X!

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Front-page: The Worlds of Aria finalist at the Indie X!

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The Worlds of Aria’s heroes took advantage of the Indie X to introduce themselves to a new audience!  On November 4th, we showcased Worlds of Aria at the Indie X! Chloé, Marketing Manager at Ludogram, pitched the game as she played the new demo with the Indie X streamer. Tips, gameplay, artistic direction, all subjects have been discussed to seduce a new anglophone audience! Will we win our first prize for the Worlds of Aria?

See you on November 17 for the results announcement on the channel Stay tuned!

New Steam Wishlists Record…

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 We collected more than 1,000 additional wishlists for the Worlds of Aria in 15 days! Thanks to you ❤️ There are now more than 4000 wishlists on Steam! The adventure is just beginning, so feel free to share the link of the Steam page with your entourage!

Worlds of Aria at the Salon du jeu !

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From November 26 to 27, we will be at the Salon du jeu, in Kremlin Bicêtre! Special event board games, video games and role-playing games… How could our heroes of the Worlds of Aria could missed it? This is a new opportunity for you to test the demo of the game! 

Fun Fact

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Renovation works on our Steam page! We created our franchise page, no need to search our productions on the whole site! Click on the “Follow” button so you won’t miss our next productions… What do you think?

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