Dev Diary #9 – Ishtar Games teams up with Ludogram, for the Worlds of Aria!

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Today’s focus: Ludogram teams up with Ishtar Games for Worlds of Aria!

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We are announcing our collaboration with Ishtar Games! Isthar Games is now joining the Worlds of Aria adventure by becoming our publisher.

We have been developing Worlds of Aria since 2021. We were open to the possibility of being supported by a publisher. And here we are: Ishtar Games will become the publisher of Worlds of Aria!

How will Ishtar contribute to the game?

  • Ishtar Games will help us with reaching an international audience.
  • They’ll also assist us with the multi-platform distribution.
  • Worlds of Aria will be localized in several languages.
  • The publisher will support us with the important announcements.

The adventure has just begin and more surprises are coming! Keep in touch to know everything about the future of the Worlds of Aria!

What not to miss: New Steam page for the Worlds of Aria

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It’s finally here! A new Steam page for the Worlds of Aria showed up… More information on features, new description, GIF…. And you still can wishlist the game! What do you think?

Did you know? Shakespeare’s language!

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It’s time to talk to everyone in English! As GOR lovers, we want to conquer new players’ hearts… internationally! We’re counting on you to share your impatience to play Worlds of Aria!

Fun Fact

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A new Discord server “Worlds of Aria” opens! Get ready to know everything about the game: production information, playtest sessions, important announcements, discussion with the Ludogram and Ishtar Games team…  Join our community now!

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