Dev Diary #6 – Worlds of Aria’s English trailer and Gamescom!

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Today’s focus: Worlds of Aria’s english trailer

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Conquer new player’s heart! Did you miss the information on our social networks? The gameplay trailer of the Worlds of Aria is available on YouTube!

Logo update, subtitle translation, English dubbing… The team was on the starting blocks to prepare the trailer as soon as possible for our English players… You can now spread the word of Game of Roles and gather as many heroes as possible in the Worlds of Aria! 

Aria’s universe is ready to conquer the world, and you?

What about Gamescom?

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Ludogram was at the Gamescom! The playable demo of the Worlds of Aria was a hit with the visitors. In addition to two streams on Twitch, the numbers cheer the team! Record this week, we count 480 additional wishlists for Worlds of Aria and 692 for Firebird! 

Firebird featured on Twitch !

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While we were in the middle of a demonstration on our stand at the Gamescom, we were surprised to discover Firebird on Twitch! Mynthos and Mistermv have played Mariska during their livestream on Twitch, dubbing some parts themselves and choosing their next destination…

Fun Fact

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In Firebird, Mariska and Vassilissa brave the cold of the Far North aboard the Firebird!  It is a real truck inspired by the 4331 model of the brand ZIL, produced between 1987 and 2016!

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