Firebird release and demo & latest bugs reported in our games!

Home screen of Firebird special demo and funny bug of a door too big for the heroes in Worlds of Aria

Firebird release and demo & latest bugs reported in our games!

Hello Adventurers!
What's new?

Be ready to drive throughout the Grand North with your loyal truck, because Firebird will be out this Summer!

So, if you have not done it yet, you still can wishlist the game to not miss the release and get a wave of freshness during the summer! ❄

Why did we postpone the release?

As we were almost ready to ship the game, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict began and didn’t allow us to release the game serenely, in accordance with our values.

More updates and exciting events soon! We remain open to questions on our Discord server. Thanks for your patience and your support!
Gif of the Firebird rolling in the snowy landscape, at all times of the day.
Firebird's Roadmap

Do you know the legend of the Firebird? Discover it with the demo of our video game!

Get on board your truck, travel to the far north, meet colorful characters and face the creatures inhabiting these sacred lands…. The road to the Great North will be full of pitfalls… Will you manage to get your truck to its destination without succumbing to the dangers of this hostile land?
Play as Mariska now, by playing the demo on Steam! We’re waiting for your feedbacks on our social media (links just below!).

Home screen of Firebird special demo on Steam.
Bugs Area

Here’s a roundup of the latest bugs reported in Firebird and World of Aria!

Help required for Ivan, in Firebird, who doesn’t see much of the landscape… 🛠️ Diagnosis : The speech bubble must be repositioned.

It’s a very large door, compared to the Gourmandise! 🛠️ Diagnosis : The object needs to be resized.

The dead must be dead! 🛠️ Diagnosis: Characters “in away” still appear on the table. 

Add Worlds of Aria to your Steam wishlist.
Play Firebird demo on Steam

That’s all for today! We hope you’ll enjoy the Firebird demo!

Ludogram Team

Worlds of Aria Closed Alpha, Friendship Games Week Post-Mortem & Updates

Preview of the newsletter content in pictures. Official poster of the Friendship Games Week festival and funny bug reported with animals climbing on each other in the Worlds of Aria.

Worlds of Aria Closed Alpha, Friendship Games Week Post-Mortem & Updates

Hello Adventurers!
What's new?

Worlds of Aria was featured as part of #FriendshipGamesWeekFebruary 13-19, in the upcoming games category! Happy to have been part of the celebration of local multiplayer games with Ishtar Games, and got some interesting traffic on the Steam page. We earn 638 wishlists and 3 085 visits! Thanks to everyone who added Aria Worlds to their Steam wishlist!

Overview of the Steam page of Worlds of Aria with its promotion by the Friendship Games Week festival (banner and referencing).
Aria's Letter

Worlds of Aria has welcomed its first citizens! Our backers played hand in hand for a common cause: participate in the production by improving the game experience. They faced the dangers of the first scenario, but not without heroic company! **Drum roll** and the most played character during the Closed Alpha is… Camelot (aka the Merchant)!

Image of the 3 most played characters during the closed Alpha.
Bugs Area

Here’s a roundup of bugs reported in the Worlds of Aria Closed Alpha!

Some leftover fish in the middle of the throne room!

Scene with fish remains that appear in a loop.

Heroes a little too quickly released from their chains in the sacrifice scene…

All heroes are released by mistake at the beginning of the scene.

Heroes and guards disappeared in the scene of the Queen’s gardens.

All the characters disappeared in the scene of the queen's gardens, except the animals.

Thanks for reading!

Ludogram Team

Worlds of Aria at Friendship Games Week & some press articles!

Preview of the newsletter content in pictures. Official poster of the Friendship Games Week festival and logos of the press articles.

Worlds of Aria at Friendship Games Week & first press articles 

Hello Adventurers!
What's new?

Worlds of Aria is selected for Friendship Games Week on Steam! Friendship Games Week is a celebration of local multiplayer games! Split screen, couch, party, or co-op – regardless of how you play them, it is such a great way to spend time with the people you like. So gather up your friends, grab your tall glass of iced tea, and make yourself comfortable in front of the screen!

The game will be featured on Steam, from February 13 to 19, to arouse the curiosity of future citizens of the Worlds of Aria… The more, the merrier!

Official poster of the Friendship Games Week festival.
Aria's Letter

Here’s a roundup of first press articles of Worlds of Aria!

We were surprised to be in a selection of 30 Indie Games that “You Should Know About Releasing In 2023”. The article is quite complimentary about the tabletop RPG inspired gameplay, the fantasy universe and the multiplayer mode (cooperative or, competitive). 

Logo of Kotaku press site

Worlds of Aria is really everywhere… even on a french radio! France Inter takes us to discover the French fantasy world, without forgetting to mention our game Worlds of Aria. It’s still a French fantasy universe that has its share of success.

Logo of the french radio FranceInter.

Thanks for reading!

Ludogram Team

Dev Diary #10 – Ludogram wishes you a happy new year!

Today’s focus: Ludogram wishes you a happy new year!

– – – – – 

From 2022 to 2023, it was a great adventure for the studio and the team! The ups and downs have made us what we are today… And we’re proud of it!

  • A company with more than 25 employees 
  • Successful crowdfunding for “Worlds of Aria” 
  • Ishtar Games is the publisher of “Worlds of Aria”
  • But also the unexpected postponement of “Firebird” 
  • New video game projects are underway!

Together, we are on the road to 2023, with even more surprising stories to tell you!

Happy Holidays! 
from the Ludogram’s team

What not to miss: Live Twitch with Ishtar Games

– – – – –

We were on a live Twitch with Ishtar Games, our publisher for “Worlds of Aria”! It was the opportunity to showcase new scenes and to answer a few questions. Dice have been rolled, choices have been made and chaos happened…

Did you know? World of Aria’s new Discord server

– – – – –

Did you miss the info? “Worlds of Aria” has a #Discordserver! Join the community and pick your role… Pitiless Warrior, Mighty Mage, Greedy Merchant or Wicked Witch? In the “Worlds of Aria” you can become whoever you want…

Fun Fact

– – – – –

We are on TikTok to share funny videos and useful facts with you! Chloé, our Marketing Manager, has fun with it! So, follow us, comment & enjoy our videos ! More content is coming…Join our Tik Tok now!

Dev Diary #9 – Ishtar Games teams up with Ludogram, for the Worlds of Aria!

Today’s focus: Ludogram teams up with Ishtar Games for Worlds of Aria!

– – – – –

We are announcing our collaboration with Ishtar Games! Isthar Games is now joining the Worlds of Aria adventure by becoming our publisher.

We have been developing Worlds of Aria since 2021. We were open to the possibility of being supported by a publisher. And here we are: Ishtar Games will become the publisher of Worlds of Aria!

How will Ishtar contribute to the game?

  • Ishtar Games will help us with reaching an international audience.
  • They’ll also assist us with the multi-platform distribution.
  • Worlds of Aria will be localized in several languages.
  • The publisher will support us with the important announcements.

The adventure has just begin and more surprises are coming! Keep in touch to know everything about the future of the Worlds of Aria!

What not to miss: New Steam page for the Worlds of Aria

– – – – –

It’s finally here! A new Steam page for the Worlds of Aria showed up… More information on features, new description, GIF…. And you still can wishlist the game! What do you think?

Did you know? Shakespeare’s language!

– – – – –

It’s time to talk to everyone in English! As GOR lovers, we want to conquer new players’ hearts… internationally! We’re counting on you to share your impatience to play Worlds of Aria!

Fun Fact

– – – – –

A new Discord server “Worlds of Aria” opens! Get ready to know everything about the game: production information, playtest sessions, important announcements, discussion with the Ludogram and Ishtar Games team…  Join our community now!

Dev Diary #8 – Worlds of Aria’s heroes at the Indie X!

Front-page: The Worlds of Aria finalist at the Indie X!

– – – – –

The Worlds of Aria’s heroes took advantage of the Indie X to introduce themselves to a new audience!  On November 4th, we showcased Worlds of Aria at the Indie X! Chloé, Marketing Manager at Ludogram, pitched the game as she played the new demo with the Indie X streamer. Tips, gameplay, artistic direction, all subjects have been discussed to seduce a new anglophone audience! Will we win our first prize for the Worlds of Aria?

See you on November 17 for the results announcement on the channel https://www.twitch.tv/rubberchickentv. Stay tuned!

New Steam Wishlists Record…

– – – – –

 We collected more than 1,000 additional wishlists for the Worlds of Aria in 15 days! Thanks to you ❤️ There are now more than 4000 wishlists on Steam! The adventure is just beginning, so feel free to share the link of the Steam page with your entourage!

Worlds of Aria at the Salon du jeu !

– – – – –

From November 26 to 27, we will be at the Salon du jeu, in Kremlin Bicêtre! Special event board games, video games and role-playing games… How could our heroes of the Worlds of Aria could missed it? This is a new opportunity for you to test the demo of the game! 

Fun Fact

– – – – –

Renovation works on our Steam page! We created our franchise page, no need to search our productions on the whole site! Click on the “Follow” button so you won’t miss our next productions… What do you think?

Dev Diary #7 – Games Made in France and first playtests!

Today’s focus: Throwback to Games Made in France!

– – – – –

Sunday, September 25, Edouard Gaudel, CEO of Ludogram, was on Twitch for the Games Made in France event! Alongside the creators mistermv, Damdam and FibreTigre, they have become the heroes of the Worlds of Aria, as they played the new demo! The team took the opportunity to unveil new features on the video game: atmospheres, 3D characters, dice rolling features, etc.

Let’s talk numbers: Worlds of Aria” gathered more than 7,000 viewers and collected 888 Steam wishlists. Today, the game has 4,000 wishlists!

Good news for the team ❤️

Worlds of Aria at the Virtual Calais!

– – – – –

We were at Virtual Calais from October 1st to 2nd! We were able to have the demo of Worlds of Aria tested publicly for the first time… in a setting created especially for the occasion! Player feedback is valuable for production!

Our featured productions…

– – – – –

Games Made in France has featured Worlds of Aria on Steam! We count no less than 400 wishlists for the Worlds of Aria, on the day of September 25! Firebird is not outdone, collecting 588 wishlists!

Fun Fact

– – – – –

We welcomed our first playtesters for Worlds of Aria! The first playtest sessions continue and your feedback is carefully studied! We have already collected more than 100 responses… But, the planning of the playtests is still in progress! So, if you want to play a game before its release and participate in the development? Try your luck!

Dev Diary #6 – Worlds of Aria’s English trailer and Gamescom!

Today’s focus: Worlds of Aria’s english trailer

– – – – –

Conquer new player’s heart! Did you miss the information on our social networks? The gameplay trailer of the Worlds of Aria is available on YouTube!

Logo update, subtitle translation, English dubbing… The team was on the starting blocks to prepare the trailer as soon as possible for our English players… You can now spread the word of Game of Roles and gather as many heroes as possible in the Worlds of Aria! 

Aria’s universe is ready to conquer the world, and you?

What about Gamescom?

– – – – –

Ludogram was at the Gamescom! The playable demo of the Worlds of Aria was a hit with the visitors. In addition to two streams on Twitch, the numbers cheer the team! Record this week, we count 480 additional wishlists for Worlds of Aria and 692 for Firebird! 

Firebird featured on Twitch !

– – – – –

While we were in the middle of a demonstration on our stand at the Gamescom, we were surprised to discover Firebird on Twitch! Mynthos and Mistermv have played Mariska during their livestream on Twitch, dubbing some parts themselves and choosing their next destination…

Fun Fact

– – – – –

In Firebird, Mariska and Vassilissa brave the cold of the Far North aboard the Firebird!  It is a real truck inspired by the 4331 model of the brand ZIL, produced between 1987 and 2016!

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